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Support activities on substandard or non-performing positions offer the debtor the possibility of entrusting our offices with a regular sales mandate for the mortgaged property to guarantee the credit, before and after the start of the enforcement proceedings.

The advantages are remarkable:

  • Shortened times
  • Lower legal fees
  • Greater satisfaction of stakeholders

The objective is to maximize the net present value, a transaction made possible by debt management, mainly out-of-court, in accordance with the willingness and recovery capacity agreed with customers and, at the same time, obtaining the balance of its obligations and the removal of debt positions.

Even in the most advanced stages of the procedure the action of balance and excerpt is always practicable. All interventions are aimed at:

  • Increase the net revenue, identifying in a short time a buyer.
  • Prevent the starting price from decreasing excessively due to the repetition of deserted bans given the absence of offers.
  • Reduce the timing related to the recovery process and the costs associated with protracted procedures.

Ours is a professional and specialized assistance service. We promptly update customers on the status of positions and composition proposals deemed convenient, accompanied by appropriate assessments.

The advice given by the third party and the independence, professionalism and competence of our real estate agents is aimed at the full satisfaction of the interests of the parties involved in each contract shop. Our offices use the direct collaboration of a law firm.