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The real estate services sector in Italy is generally very "artisanal" compared to the major European competitors, with a fragmentation that reduces its efficiency, despite the brick remains one of the most important components of the country's economy.

The judicial auction sector enters by right, presenting a large amount of apartments, villas and industrial warehouses sold at less than their actual market value, considering that on average in Italy each auction is deserted many times and that at each subsequent banishment the judge is forced to break down the base price.

The reason is trivial: few investors and a few individuals participate in auctions, which remain the prerogative of a few operators, often interested in buying at very low prices. Information asymmetries, lack of confidence in a sector still surrounded by opacity, create a vicious circle of bandits that go deserted, pushing the price of the property down, an inefficient mechanism of destruction of value that represents a defeat for everyone: it depresses the real estate market, weighs in the balance sheets of banks that fail to recover the value from impaired loans and also penalizes defaulters who, selling the property at ridiculous prices, in the end remain exposed to the bank for important figures.

The major real estate agencies prefer the traditional, simpler market. Buying at the auction could be complex as the properties may present technical problems, or outstanding disputes, very often resolvable.

Our offices, organized as auction facilitators, allow customers, including investors, to participate in individual tenders, opening the market. We employ specialized real estate professionals who are able to analyze one-of-a-kind properties linked to substandard, non-performing, bankruptcy and execution procedures, with the experience of an investor, to understand what the true market value of an asset may be.

All in all:

We identify purchase / investment solutions based on customer needs;

Let's all the information concerning the executive / insolvency procedure, the debit and credit positions, for the purpose of a correct assessment and control of the risk;

We check the correctness of the CTU and of the attached documents;

We evaluate the characteristics of the assets (location, consistency, etc.), the precise administrative, cadastral analysis of the urban / construction and of the titles of origin;

We estimate values ​​on the free market;

We monitor the value of the properties on auction and the consistency with the market value;

We assist the buyer in drafting the proposal for participation in the auction;

We deal with it of the phases following the adjudication concerning the balance of the price, the reporting of expenses, up to the entry into possession of the purchased good free from encumbrances, people and things.


The advice given by the third party and the independence, professionalism and competence of our real estate agents is aimed at the full satisfaction of the interests of the parties involved in each contract shop. Our offices use the direct collaboration of a law firm.