Your home, Protect your home, even from damage caused by neighbors

The house is one of the most important investments of life, which contains goods and memories, and deserves to be adequately protected. Even if you live in an apartment in good condition and you have quality appliances, you are still exposed to risks: an unexpected or a distraction from your family member or your neighbor can cause damage, even serious ones. Any condominium insurance cover or combined with the mortgage may not be enough to protect you: generally the policies of the condominium only cover damage to the common areas and the building, while policies combined with the mortgage do not protect against damage to third parties. CasaTua di Allianz puts at your disposal the guarantees you need for an integral and customizable protection, for you and your home.
An excellent protection for the home, suitable for every need
• Highly customizable. Choose the covers you really need, for big and small contingencies
• Suitable for all types of homes. First or second homes, villas or apartments, owned or rented

An effective, complete and flexible coverage

CasaTua protects you from damage to your apartment and its contents, for example as a result of flooding, fire or atmospheric events, and protects you even in the event of claims for damages to third parties caused by you or your family member. In addition, it also protects you from damage caused by neighbors, for example:

Your neighbor's washing machine breaks and the loss of water floods your apartment, forcing you and your family to leave the house. The policy of the condominium does not cover this type of damage, and your neighbor is not able to repay it promptly. CasaTua pays you the costs of restoring the house, repurchasing the damaged property and also reimbursing the hotel if you are forced to move because of the work.

An example of personalization for homeowners. Covers:
Up to 170,000 euros for damage to the premises and up to 35,000 euros for damage to contents and valuables from fire, wetting and flooding, atmospheric events and snow overload, vandalism, with new value
Up to 1,500 euros for damage to the premises, entrance door and windows caused by thieves
Up to 1,000 euros for research and repair costs
Up to 1.000.000 Euro of Civil Responsibility of the Property and of the Family, including the Third Party by fire
24 hour Casa Plus assistance

Cost: 21 euros per month or 241 euros per year.

The example of personalization refers to the property apartment, main house, 100 square meters in Milan, on a different floor from ground or raised, in a building built for over 5 years. Sum insured for damage to premises at full value, for damage to the first absolute risk content. Dogs defined as dangerous breed are not insurable. The elements of objective and subjective personalization can determine a different cost.

Assistance always included

CasaTua provides you with a toll-free number for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is possible to request the immediate intervention of a craftsman (plumber, electrician, blacksmith) and, also for damages not included in the policy, Allianz pays the cost of the exit and two hours of labor, up to a maximum of 250 euros.

A policy in step with the times, tailor-made for you

To increase your level of protection you can choose from many guarantees that make CasaTua a modern, highly customizable and particularly effective solution. For example:

Civil Responsibility: It protects you from any claims for damages for other people. The damages deriving from the use of drones for recreational or sports purposes are always included. You can also extend it to the damage caused by your dog, the improper use of the Internet and social networks by your minor children (Cyber ​​Risk), and the injuries suffered by the domestic worker or baby sitter, regularly hired, during the course of its activities.

Theft: It protects from theft, robbery, or failures caused by thieves and vandalism all the goods contained in the house, garage and basement: for example furniture, objects of furniture, money and valuables.

Bed & Breakfast and Rooms: If you use part of your main house as a Bed and Breakfast or Bed and Breakfast, up to 6 beds, you can choose the option that protects you from damage you are responsible for and protects you from the consequences of fire or theft that could compromise your receptive activity.



Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful: The violence of natural events such as floods and floods can cause very serious damage to the premises and the contents of your home, and require major reconstruction work. Furthermore, Italy is one of the countries with the highest seismic risk in the Mediterranean, both in terms of frequency and intensity of earthquakes, with disastrous consequences. The Natural Disasters module protects you with a capital immediately available to address the costs of repair or reconstruction.

What protects: The Natural Disasters module compensates damages to the premises, such as walls and systems, of your house, your basement and your garage, caused by the overflowing of watercourses, by an earthquake of magnitude equal to or greater than 4.0 on the Richter scale, and from flooding due to heavy rains or water bombs. You can also extend the protection to the contents of the house: they are protected, for example, furniture, appliances, paintings and valuables. Only earthquake protection can be purchased.
In addition Allianz compensates:
• Expenses to demolish, clear, transport, dispose of and treat the rubble
• Expenses for the removal, transport, relocation and deposit with third parties of the assets contained in the premises if the house is unavailable
• Hotel accommodation costs up to three months if the house is unavailable.

Recommended for: Homeowners of any kind, apartments or villas, main houses or second homes.

How much: About 10 euros per month for protection in the event of an earthquake, flood and flooding for a 100 square meter apartment in Genoa, with an insured sum of 30,000 euros and a 170,000 euros building.


Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful: Just banal distractions or small accidents are enough to cause damage, even important, to other people or their things, with significant economic consequences that may compromise your standard of living.

What protects: The third-party damage module protects you:
• from damage caused to others by you and your family, anywhere in the world, in any area of ​​private life
• from damage caused by your pets, including non-dangerous dogs
• from damages related to the ownership of the main residence.

Customization: You can choose five different levels of protection: 250,000 euros, 500,000 euros, 1,000,000 euros, 1,500,000 euros and 2,000,000 euros.

Recommended for: A useful protection for everyone, both owners and tenants, especially for families with children or elderly people in the home.

How much: About 7.5 euros per month for a 100 square meter apartment in Milan, with an insured value of 250,000 euros.


Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful: The house is a precious commodity, to be protected from the most serious damages that could entail unforeseen expenses of reconstruction or repair. The condominium policy is not mandatory and neighbors may not be insured. For this reason, any rebuilding costs may be your responsibility. The breakage of a pipe or a plant could happen, especially in a house of not recent construction, but even if your house is new, you are exposed to risks that can cause serious damage.

What protects: In case of fire, wetting, atmospheric events, vandalism or electrical phenomena, such as a short circuit, lightning and power surges, the module Damage to the premises of the house reimburses:
• Damage to walls, floors, fixtures and windows
• Damage to sanitary, water and electrical systems
• The costs of searching and repairing pipe faults that have led to water leaks.

Recommended for: Homeowners of any kind: apartments or villas, main houses or second homes.

How much: About 11 euros a month for an apartment of 100 square meters in Milan insured for 170,000 euros.


Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful:A strong hailstorm, a banal carelessness, your or your neighbor, or a short circuit can also cause serious damage. The condominium policies could only cover damage to the walls of the house, but the furnishings, appliances and contents of your home remain exposed to potentially high risks.

What protects: The module compensates damages to the contents of your house, your garage and your cellar, caused by fire, wetting, atmospheric events, vandalism, electrical phenomena (such as short circuit, power surges and lightning). For example, furniture, appliances, computers, televisions, clothing and valuable objects such as paintings, carpets and precious items are included in the protection.

Customization: You can customize your coverage by choosing the value to be insured from a minimum of 10,000 to a maximum of 500,000 euros.

Recommended for: Homeowners of any kind, apartments or villas, main houses or second homes.

How much: About 3 euros a month for an apartment of 100 square meters in Milan, with content insured for 20,000 euros.


Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful: If emergencies occur in the home, such as a loss of water, the failure to provide electricity, the breaking of a lock, you can request at any time the intervention of a specialized technician, a domestic assistant, a security guard , to manage any unexpected event serenely.

What protects: The Emergency module at home provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, services such as:
• Specialized craftsmen for emergency repairs
• Domestic workers for the shelter of the premises after a damage
• Security guards following a theft if doors and windows remain unusable
• Veterinary care for your dog and your cat, even abroad
• Assistance of skilled technicians in case of breakdown of "white" domestic appliances, such as refrigerator and washing machine, from the end of the statutory warranty and up to 6 years from the purchase
• Assistance of companies specialized in data recovery.

Recommended for: Families or singles, owners or tenants, people with elderly parents who live alone.

How much: 3 euros a month.


Allianz consulenza assicurativa immobiliare mediare

Why it's useful: Because thefts in homes are more frequent than one might think: in Italy one happens every 3 minutes, with an average damage of 4,000 euros (sources: Ministry of the Interior, Istat survey 2012 on the safety of citizens).

What protects: The Home Theft module protects the contents of your home such as furniture, clothing, technological devices and valuable objects. The objects contained in the garage or in the cellar, such as bicycles or sports equipment, are also covered. For main and secondary houses, an additional ceiling of 1,000 euros is always included in case of precious theft such as money, jewelery and gold objects. Finally, damage to doors, windows and furniture caused by thieves is included both as a result of a theft and only a theft attempt.

Customization: For the first house, you can choose the sum to be insured from a minimum of 2,000 to a maximum of 100,000 euros. For the second home, however, the insurable sum goes from 2,000 to 30,000 euros.

Recommended for: Owners or tenants who want to protect the objects in their home.

How much: About 7 euros a month for an apartment in Milan, with an insured ceiling of 7,000 euros.

WARNINGS: before subscribing, read the information package available at the agencies and on the website The information shown contains advertising messages for promotional purposes. The profiles shown are purely by way of example. The personalization elements can determine a premium different from the one indicated. The benefits may include deductibles and / or uncovered in the event of a claim, limitations and / or exclusions. The costs are inclusive of taxes and, in the case of monthly amounts, the costs of splitting. The information shown contains advertising messages for promotional purposes. Before subscribing, read the information package available at the agencies and on the website.


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