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Corporate real estate market growing

Mercato immobiliare Corporate in crescita

The Italian market for non-residential real estate investments gave encouraging signals in the first quarter of 2019. The volume of investments in commercial assets rose to 1.6 billion euros, compared with 1.5 billion in the first three months of 2018.

This is what emerges from the market research of Prelios Group on corporate investments, according to which the directional sector has been driving the Italian real estate market, capitalizing 900 million euros of investments in commercial assets (57.4% of the total), followed by the hotel business with 370 million (23.5%) and logistics with 100 million (6.6%). The remaining transactions involved retail properties for 50 million (3.1%) and other mixed-use types for a total value of 150 million.

Milan played a significant part, with corporate real estate investments for 900 million euros in the first quarter (+ 86.1%), thanks to the management sector (offices, with a value of 725 million, represent 81.4% of the total of the transaction in the Lombard capital).

Rome recorded investments for 150 million on the non-residential real estate market.

In terms of flows, at a national level foreign institutional investors continue to be market leaders with 1.1 billion in investments, equal to 72.5% of the 1.6 billion euros of total national transactions, with capital coming mainly from United States, Germany and Switzerland.

The national investment flows instead amounted to 430 million, in particular from banks, real estate funds and private investors.


Andrea Di Munno

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