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According to the Idealist Studies Office, the cost of out-of-school student rooms decreased by 7.3% in the last calendar year. The average price for a room in Italy is € 318 per month compared to € 343 for the same period in 2017.

The downward trend in prices does not equally affect all the capitals monitored and the centers of greatest student attraction, also because the demand remains alive, recording an increase of over 10% in the year in question.

According to Vincenzo De Tommaso, of the Idealist Studies Office: "The figures summarize an increasingly dynamic market segment characterized by strong competition. Sharing a home is no longer just a choice for students, but also for workers on the move with transient housing needs ".

Cities where prices fall

The demand for this type of housing solution has also reached the market: + 36% compared to 2017. Opportunities increase for those who opt for the shared home with an effect that has calmed the prices of the rented rooms also in squares characterized by a strong university presence. This is the case of Bologna (-3.2%), Padua (-3.8%), Pisa (-5.1%) and especially Pavia, where the drop has touched 9.3%.

Signs of fatigue also affect the squares where the phenomenon is more widespread, such as Rome (-2.1%) and Naples (-1.8%), while Milan (0.2%) resists in positive territory consolidating at the top of the values in the ranking of room rental fees.

Cities in contrast

The record for the increases is in Ferrara (12.4%), where the university demand has exploded prices, followed by Genoa (7%), Perugia (4%) and Florence (3.7%), among the cities where taking a rented room costs more than last year. Increases contained, below the threshold of 3 percent, for other major university centers such as Bari (2.7%), Catania (2.1%), Turin (1.8%), L'Aquila (1.4%) and Trento (1%).

According to the idealist study, Milan is the most expensive city

In the Milanese capital it takes an average of 451 euros / month for a room, in Rome 400, while in Florence it touches 376 euros. Over the national average of the requests, equal to 318 euros per month, are also placed Bologna (341 euros) and Turin (320 euros).

The study, which found the requests of the owners of 28 Italian capitals, found the lowest fees in Palermo (198 euros / month), which precedes Messina (202 euros) and L'Aquila (204 euros).

The profile of those who share an apartment

The average age of roommates is 30, they live in the central areas of large cities.

The age of cohabitants goes from 33 years in Genoa to 23 in Pavia. The average age is higher in large cities where the expensive rentals obviously induces many workers to share the apartment, as it emerges from the data that see Naples (31) and Rome (30) among the cities with the most "elderly" roommates, followed by Florence (29), Milan and Turin (28), then gradually the others.

The study reveals that 4 out of 5 cohabitations are mixed (men and women); cohabitation between women only occurs in 19% of cases, marginal male cohabitation 6% of cases.


For the realization of this study only those cities were taken into account in which a stable base of announcements can be counted during the analysis period.


Andrea Di Munno

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